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University of Oxford, Faculty of Law (Postgraduate Studies)
National Chengchi University, Faculty of Law (Ph.D. Program)
National Chengchi University, Faculty of Law (LL.M.)
National Chengchi University, Faculty of Law (LL.B.)

- Taipei Bar Association
- Taiwan Law Society
- Taiwan Society of International Law
- International Bar Association
- Inter-Pacific Bar Association
- Honorary Fellow, Center for International Legal Studies, Austria
- Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society

  • - Deputy CEO, Steering Committee of Taiwan Company Law Reform
  • - Adjunct Associate Professor, College of Law, National Chengchi University
  • - Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Law, Soochow University
  • - Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Law, Chung Yuan Christian University
  • - Project Research Fellow, Council for Economic Planning and Development “Companies Law Reform Research Program”
  • - Project Manager, Department of Commerce under the Ministry of Economic Affairs “Limited Partnership Law and Limited Liability Partnership Law Research Program”
  • - Program Co-Manager, Banking Bureau under the Financial Supervisory Commission “Conflicts of Interest and Privacy Protection between Financial Holding Company and its Subsidiaries Research Program”
  • - Program Co-Manager, Financial Supervisory Commission “Japanese Financial Commodities Exchange Act Research Program”
  • - Registered Arbitrator, Arbitration Association of the R.O.C.
  • - Registered Arbitrator, Taiwan Construction Arbitration Association
  • - Registered Arbitrator, Chinese Construction Industry Arbitration Association
  • - Registered Arbitrator, Employment Dispute Arbitration Association of the R.O.C.
  • - Chairman of International Affairs Committee, Director of Secretariat, Taiwan Bar Association
  • - Deputy Secretary General, Chairman of Committee on Law and Services of Lawyers, Director of Secretariat, Commissioner of Committee on Judicial Reform, Taipei Bar Association
  • - Editor in Chief, FT Law Review
  • - Executive Commissioner, Judicial Reform Foundation
  • - Counsel, Medical Regulation Reform Project, Taipei City Government
  • -​ Appeal Review Panel, Legal Aid Foundation
  1. A Post-GFC Review of Trust Law
  2. Analysis of the Newly Amended Companies Law
  3. Unsecured Loan to Related Parties
  4. On Cartels
  5. A Brief Introduction to the Case of Taxes on Imported Wines and Alcoholic Beverages
  6. Lawyers' Advertising
  7. On the Civil Liability of Rejecting Patients
  8. Tort Liabilities of the Mentally-disabled Person
  9. Judicial Independence and Judicial Supervision (LL.M. Degree Thesis)
  10. Evolution of Judicial Role
  11. Tenure of Judges
  12. Judicial Independence and its Backup
  13. Judicial Supervision and its Limit
  14. Proposals for Judicial Reform
  15. Comments on the Judicial Personnel Committee
  16. On Judicial Reform
  17. A Paradox of Judicial Independence – to Review or Not to Review
  18. Commentary on the Rules for Declaration of Probation
  19. Dissenting Opinion
  20. Introduction to the Draft Judges Law
  21. On Judicial Conference
  1. Corporate Governance – Taiwan Chapter
  2. Data Protection Laws of the World – Taiwan Chapter
  3. Navigating Banking and Finance Law in the Asia-Pacific – Taiwan Chapter
  4. The Banking Regulation Review – Taiwan Chapter
  5. Global Financial Services Regulators – Taiwan Chapter
  6. International Banking Law and Regulation – Taiwan Chapter
  7. International Securities Law Handbook – Taiwan Chapter
  8. International Employee Equity Plan – Taiwan Chapter
  9. Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Asia and the Pacific – Taiwan Chapter
  10. How to Start a Foreign Subsidiary in Taiwan
  11. Legal Aspects of Outbound Investments
  12. International Joint Ventures – Taiwan Chapter
  13. International Business Transactions: Standard Forms and Documents –Taiwan Chapter
  14. Termination of Employment Guide – Taiwan Chapter
  15. A Brief Introduction to Retirement Pension Requirements
  16. International Expatriate Employment Handbook - Taiwan Chapter