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  • - Construction Law
  • - Litigation
  • - Arbitration
  • - Property Law
  • - Banking and Finance
National Taiwan University, Department of Law (LL.B.)

- Taipei Bar Association
- Taichung Bar Association
- Taiwan Law Society

  • - Arbitrator of the Arbitration Association of ROC

1. Amendments of the Provisions Governing Contractual Works in the Civil Code
2. An Overview of the Amendments to the Debt Chapter of the Civil Code
3. Commentary on the Rules for Declaration of Probation

4. Commentary on Article 66 of the Statute for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait
5. Analysis of Article 43, Item 5 of the Enforcement Rules of the Cross-strait Relation Act
6. The Importance of Knowledge of Local Laws and Regulations for Conducting Business in Mainland China