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  • - Principle Chemistry
  • - Classic Analysis
  • - Analysis of Instrument(HPLC, GC, the skill of packing column)
  • - Analysis of Biochemistry
  • - Analysis of Environment
  • - Principle of Surface Science
  • - Laser Chemistry
  • - Interfacial Chemistry
  • - Protein Chemistry
  • - Solid Phase Chemistry
Master and Bachelor Degree, National Cheng Kung University


1. “Introduction on the new Guideline of Amendment of Patent Applicant and analysis on patent invalidation based on issues of application right”, FT Law Review NO. 175
2. “An Introduction and Comparison of Accelerated Examination Procedure in Taiwan and other Countries”, FT Law Review NO. 171
3. “Introduction of The Third Amendment of PRC Patent Law”, FT Law Review NO. 165
4. “Introduction of Revised Implementation Rules of US Patent Act and Bills (I)”, FT Law Review NO. 157
5. "Empirical Development of “Unity of the Invention ”in Taiwan’s Patent System in Light of the Rule of Election/Restriction of US Patent System”, FT Law Review NO. 152
6. “Introduction of the Dual System to Invalidate A Patent in the US”, FT Law Review NO.142

7. “Comparison between Rules of Protecting Plant-Related Patents in both Taiwan and in the U.S.”, FT Law Review NO. 132
8. “Brief Discussion on the Draft “Patent Examination Standard for Traditional Herb and Medicine” in Taiwan”, FT Law Review NO. 129
9. “The U.S. Patent System---Introduction to American Inventors Protection Act of 1999”, FT Law Review NO. 125
10. “Introduction to Patent Application Practices---Temporary Patent Application v.s. Domestic Priority Right”, FT Law Review NO. 123