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Nagoya University Law School (LL.M.)
National Taiwan University, Department of Law (LL.B.)

- Taipei Bar Association
- Taiwan Law Society
- Rotary Club of Taipei Tienmo

- Part-Time Lecturer, School of Finance and Law, Chung Yuan Christian University
- Director for Second Round, Registration Centre for Organ Donation and Transplant Foundation
- Executive Director of Judicial Reform Foundation
- Director, Taipei Bar Association
- Chief Director, Law of Life Science Committee, Taipei Bar Association

1. The Liability of the ISP (Internet Service Provider)
2. Legal Implications Faced by Internet Service Providers
3. The Internet Phone and Related Legal Issues
4. General Discussion Regarding Electronic Commerce (EC)
5. A Review of Electronic Data Interchange
6. The Protection of the Privacy on the Internet
7. Comments on Trade Secret
8. Comments Regarding the Application of the Japanese Manufacturer Responsibility Statute to Taiwanese Enterprises and Responding Policy
9. An Introduction to the PL Act of Japan
10. Legal Issues Regarding Gene Therapy
11. Legal Issues Regarding Genetic Consulting, Genetic Examination and Genetic Diagnosis
12. ES Cell EG Cell vs. the Law

13. W-CDMA One of the Infrastructures for M-Commerce
14. The Legal ABC of the Mobile Commerce
15. The Legal Aspect of Issues Regarding Cord Blood
16. Taiwan Accession to the WTO and the Revision of the Patent Law
17. Regenerative Medicine from Legal Point of View


An Introduction to Taiwan's Insolvency Regime


Comparison Analysis of the Citizen Participation on the Environmental Impact Assessment Act between Taiwan and Japan