Light Pollution Guidelines Have Been Updated to Include Color Temperature and Flicker

In order to improve light pollution, the Ministry of Environment updated the "Light Pollution Guidelines (光污染管理指引)" on January 4, 2024 to include new control items of color temperature and flicker. These updates are in addition to the original control items of maximum luminance and maximum vertical illuminance. Specifically, the color temperature of street lights in national parks, nature reserves, and ecological protection areas should not exceed 3,000 K, while that of roads at all levels should be 3,500 K. However, relevant authorities may set their own color temperature recommendations in accordance with their own powers and responsibilities based on considerations of traffic safety and other factors. For large outdoor billboards using area lighting in business districts, the recommended flicker nuisance index (閃爍干擾指數) should not be less than 5 between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.; after 11 p.m., such billboards should be switched to static display or switched off.
The guidelines are not punitive and are to be enforced by local authorities.
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