Technology Law

Science, technology and the Internet have been developing at a progressive rate with breakthrough advancements made almost daily. Along with the emergence of new industries, traditional industries have become increasingly innovative and creative in order to keep abreast of current fashions and trends. Formosa Transnational knows that “innovation” is the prime necessity for the continuous survival of companies and has integrated a team of experienced litigation attorneys, IP experts and patent engineers from various technology fields to form a Technology Law department that assists clients in research and development and in protecting the fruits of their long term research and development efforts.

The Technology Law department at FT consists of an elite team of highly qualified and experienced attorneys and technicians. The team often assists clients with comprehensive intellectual property management (IPM) strategies, IP due diligence, composition of IP portfolios, and risk minimization at reasonable costs in order to increase the value of the company by IPM.

When assisting clients with the formulation of integrated IP policies, FT assists clients establish and implement major IP policy principles and detailed execution procedures and projects to ensure achievement of IPM’s strategic goals. Formosa Transnational plays a vital role in the product research and development and marketing, and advises clients on strategies that can be employed to preserve and protect the client’s high value IP.

Formosa Transnational’s Technology Law department specializes in complex IP and technology litigation associated with patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, covenants not to compete, and unfair competition and has earned recognition across the industry. FT provides timely and quality advice while clients concentrate their efforts on utilizing their technology, brands and creativity to achieve the greatest benefits for clients.

The Technology Law department team at FT can assist clients, whether operating in the high tech or the traditional industries, that seek to innovate their research and development and to create high value IP.