Founding Partners

K.C. Fan(Retired)
John C. Chen
Paiff Huang
Hau-Ming Rai(Retired)

Hau-Ming Rai, K. C. Fan, Paiff Huang and John C. Chen (left to right)

On 7 October 1974, K.C. Fan, John C. Chen, Paiff Huang and Hau-Ming Rai established Formosa Transnational with a shared goal of inspiring Taiwan’s legal community to improve the quality of legal service in Taiwan. They have sought to foster a sense of justice, advocated the rule of law, and promoted service to society.
Brief Introduction

For forty years, from the time when traditional industries dominated Taiwan through the rise of the Internet and ecommerce to the present emergence of biotechnology, Formosa Transnational has demonstrated and harnessed the spirit of ‘specialization, teamwork and service’. FT has always stood at the forefront of industry development assisting companies, entrepreneurs, agencies and organizations, whether domestic or foreign, to resolve the various and myriad problems that have arisen as result of technological improvements and economic growth. This assistance has helped many of FT’s clients to achieve the goals they set and has enabled authorities to facilitate industrial advancement and continued economic prosperity.

Formosa Transnational is selective in that when hiring staff and attorneys, FT looks for team players and demands that each attorney develop and concentrate on areas of specialization, such as construction arbitration, civil litigation, criminal defense, company investment, banking and finance, labor and employment, maritime and insurance, patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secrets among other fields. FT is fully supportive of its attorneys and staff pursuing continued studies to improve professional skills that can be employed in the service of our clients. Formosa Transnational attorneys rank client services as the top priority and strive to consider the problems and possible solutions from the perspective of the client. FT attorneys, also frequently coordinate teamwork with other practice groups within the firm when their particular expertise is required in service of a client. This teamwork is valuable to clients not only for the efficient use of specialized expertise that it brings to focus on the issues, but also because in doing so, legal fees are minimized.

Formosa Transnational has assembled a team of competent and experienced attorneys and experts who deliver world-class dispute resolution and transactional services to assist clients, in dealing with global market competition and a knowledge-based economy. At Formosa Transnational, we are concerned with the needs of each and every client, be they individuals, small to medium sized companies or multi-million dollar companies. They are all considered uniquely important.

While treating our clients’ needs with professionalism and priority, Formosa Transnational has always regarded the issues of social justice and public welfare to be extremely important. In addition to providing funding for the establishment of the Formosa Transnational Foundation, which encourages and promotes the study of law and advocates a fair and equitable legal system, FT attorneys actively participate in social work organized by the bar associations, Judicial Reform Foundation, and the Taiwan Law Society as well as assist the Taiwan government agencies with constitutional reform, judicial reform, national development, cross-strait events, the 921 postearthquake re-construction project, and state-owned asset management projects, among many other projects.