Litigation and Arbitration

Formosa Transnational (FT) has for so long been highly respected in the field of litigation, that even Taiwan judges and attorneys frequently praise the quality and cautious handling of dispute resolution by FT attorneys. Regarding the alternative form of dispute resolution-arbitration, FT attorneys, with many years of arbitration experience, utilize the professional skills and experience so as to deliver high quality legal services to clients.

As the demand for specialized legal services has increased steadily over the years, Formosa Transnational formed its dispute resolution department in order to focus on litigation and arbitration. FT’s founding partners and partners have extensive litigation and arbitration experience, and provide professional and multi-faced litigation and arbitration services.


Civil Litigation

Formosa Transnational’s civil litigation practice is highly regarded, and FT attorneys have handled countless complex civil litigation cases. In recent years, Taiwan’s Civil Procedure Code has undergone substantial revision with respect to the identification and examination of issues based on the German maxim “Konzentrationsmaxime” (concentration of identified issues), and in connection with prohibiting parties to raise new arguments and defenses in appeals. Other revisions include the adoption of a leave for appeal system in the third instance as well as retaining attorneys as agents ad litem. These revisions have advanced Taiwan’s civil procedure in a professional direction. FT’s professional experts in civil procedure are well qualified to assist clients in the most effective handling of civil litigation.

Criminal Litigation

Protection of human rights and social justices are duties imposed upon attorneys and have been a goal to which FT has always strived toward. As such, criminal defense and complaints on behalf of victims via public prosecution or private prosecution is heavily emphasized at FT. In the period between 2002 and 2003, Taiwan’s Criminal Procedure Code underwent major revisions, including the adoption of cross-examination in trials, which have greatly enhanced the role of attorneys in criminal cases. Formosa transnational is especially familiar with the major revisions to the criminal procedure. FT also possesses substantial expertise in the cooperating with foreign attorneys in the handling of criminal cases in foreign jurisdictions.

Administrative Relief

Where citizens feels that the administrative decisions of the central or a local government is inappropriate or contrary to the relevant law and detrimental to their rights or interests, they may apply for administrative relief. The promulgation of the Administrative Procedure Law has made administrative procedure in Taiwan more sophisticated and utilitarian. FT attorneys have extensive experience in handling administrative claims under the new law.



For more than the past ten years arbitration has been increasing in popularity as an alternative to formal litigation. FT has been actively handling arbitration cases in connection with disputes involving construction, trade, maritime, International Commercial Committee (ICC) and the enforcement of foreign and domestic arbitral awards. FT’s professional experiences and expertise in arbitration matters are among the highest of Taiwan, in terms of both quality and quantity.