New Amendments to Prohibit Import of Illegal Fishery Products

In order to join international efforts to stop illegal, unreported, and unregulated (hereinafter referred to as IUU) fishing, Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan enacted a bill amending the Act for Distant Water Fishery(遠洋漁業條例) on April 23, 2024. The amendments prohibit catches and fishery products obtained from importation into Taiwan.
The amendments also provide that the regulator has the power to ban import of some or all fishery products from specific countries or regions due to international conventions, treaties, agreements, United Nation resolutions, need for international cooperation, or for the purpose of combating IUU fishing. The regulator is required to lift the ban immediately if the reason for the import restriction no longer applies.
The amended Act imposes fines ranging from NT$ 6 million (approx. US$ 185,000) to NT$ 30 million (approx. US$ 928,000) for a first-time violation of an  IUU import ban. A second or successive violation during the same year will result in a fine ranging from NT$ 9 million (approx. US$ 278,000) to NT$ 45 million (approx.US$1.4 million).  
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